Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Condiments - so many condiments

I'm not as bad as Sean.  He needs a separate small fridge for just his condiments.  He can barely get any real food into the fridge, it's ridiculous!

I need ideas on how to use my condiments - I know there are ones that you just always have to have available like - like - like what?

My fridge door

What can I make with all this?

Jam:  strawberry, raspberry, vanilla rhubarb, fig, apple butter
Syrup: strawberry
Chutney: apple nut
Preserved lemon puree (this is a staple to always have)
Tomato:  powder, sun dried in oil, dehydrated not in oil
Dulche de leche sauce
Hot sauce
Hot pepper relish
Zucchini relish
PIckles:  Dilly beans, zucchini, bread and butter, cornichon
Lemon, lime, key lime juice
Dijon mustard - 2 kinds
Rhubarb Vodka
Fish sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Curry paste
Pickled green peppercorns
Almond oil (bought to make homemade bath scrub)

Peach Vinegar

Sean also has peach vinegar and loves it - I don't know what he is using it for since I only make vinaigrette with it.

I need ideas!

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