Sunday, November 27, 2011

This weekend was glorious. The last days of November and I think today made it to 70 degrees.  It was time to put the house garden and vegetable garden to bed.  Yesterday I worked in the yard and did the last of the winter pruning, weeding, tidying up, spreading leaves in the beds.  Today I spent the morning at the vegetable garden raking the oak leaves to the street corner, weeding my bed and snipping arugula and lettuce from my gardening neighbor Richard (he said I could have some).  I finished cleaning the porch at home of all gardening utensils and such.  On my way home from my veg garden, I stopped at a neighbor's to take some free canna bulbs.  They are now nestled in moss in the basement.  I've never planted them so look forward to trying it next year.  Here is what is left in bloom in the yard.

Japanese Anemone puffballs

Japanese Anemone puffballs

Rosebud - there are lots of rosebuds on a particular plant

Lavender stalk

Oakleaf hydrangea flowers

Hellebores - the first to bloom in Feb and March

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  1. Love the puffballs! and nice to see some roses still blooming, too. Grasses are really in their prime this time of year, arent' they?!