Monday, January 16, 2012

Dark Days Challenge - Fussy Grits

Sean went to NC for Christmas and came back with blue corn grits from Anson Mills.  They are based in South Carolina but he found them at a farmer's type market in Charlotte.  Since it was only a plastic bag of grits, we looked at the company's website for directions on how to cook them.  I was a little put off by the statement that greets you

"Bottom line: Our products won't work with standard recipes. Standard recipes won't work with our products."

Well ok.  The ingredient list starts out with this heading "Equipment Mise en Place" and requires spring or filtered water to cook these grits.

I'm thinking, these better be some damn good grits since they are also supposed to be soaked over night.

Drained after soaking in tap water.  Don't tell anyone I used city water

These grits took an hour and 1/2 or so to cook.  The recipe called for making it like risotto - cook them in some water but gradually add hot water in ladlefuls as it thickened.  Top with lots and lots of butter.   I also made some scrambled eggs - eggs from farmer's market, milk from the dairy and dried herbs from my own garden.  Threw in some pork cracklings from last week's lard making.

 These grits were good but way too fussy

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  1. I've never seen blue grits! Probably won't be looking for them now;) I do love grits.