Monday, January 9, 2012

Dark Days Challenge - I forget what week

I've lost track of what week I am doing with the Dark Days Challenge.  The organizers have come up with some mini challenges that I will try to tackle in the coming weeks.  For now, the meal this week was a simple recipe of Buttermilk Blueberry muffins.

Emma and I love muffins - Brian's vow is to never let anything that isn't plain bread or 1 of 2 varieties of cookies to ever pass his lips.  "you can't make me eat that slice of pie mom" or "I just don't like cooked fruit" - ok, honey here is your hunk of stale bread and some water to wash it down.

I found the recipe off the web but it's a simple dry mixture with eggs, buttermilk and melted butter.

Blueberries picked last summer at Butler's Orchard

Flour from Byrd Mill, buttermilk and butter from South Mountain Creamery, eggs from Farmer's Market.

They were delicious!

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