Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fun at Rock Creek Cemetery

There is an organization in Washington, D.C. called Cultural Tourism.  Every spring and fall, the group offers free walking tours all around the city.  On Saturday, Sean and I joined a tour called Art and History are Alive at the Cemetery.   Here is the description of the tour:

At 300 years old, St. Paul’s Rock Creek Parish and Rock Creek Cemetery are the only colonial church and churchyard within the District of Columbia. As you stroll through 86 immaculate acres, visit this home of famous and infamous political, cultural, and business movers and shakers. View some of the nation’s finest sacred art, including Saint-Gaudens’ world-famous sculpture in the Adams Memorial and others listed in the Smithsonian Catalog of American Public Art. Enjoy the art, hear the stories, and take a fascinating walk into history. 

The tour guide was the chairman of the cemetery committee and was extremely knowledgeable.  I had always wanted to tour this place and was happy to be able to walk around the beautiful grounds for 2 hours.  Here are a variety of photos.  There is a tombstone with the last name of the beanies as well as some other friends (Bobby and Kathryn R).  I also had to take an Emma picture.  After the walk, Sean and I headed to The Pig in Logan Circle for brunch.  Pulled pork eggs benedict for me, sausage, bacon and eggs for Sean.

The monument to the man who donated the land for the cemetery.

Theodore's daughter

Christian Heurich, brewer.  His house is a museum and very fun to tour.

Memorial to Henry Adams' wife Clover.  The sculpture is by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.  The surrounding plot is designed by Stanford White.

Gore is not buried here yet even though he died in 2012.  His will is tied up in litigation.

Edgar Allan Poe's sister, Rosalie

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