Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Garden Party 2014

Garden Party, September 2014, Friendship Gardens

A few years ago one of the gardeners, Greg, proposed having an end of summer party at the community garden.  It has become a nice tradition and the food is fabulous.  Here are pictures from the party on Sunday.  Thank goodness it was postponed.  Saturday's weather was hot and sticky while Sunday turned out to be lovely.  We all gathered under the old mulberry tree.  Peter brought two growlers of his home brewed beer.  He grew hops in his garden this year and watching the plants grow so high in the sky was lots of fun.  For the record, I contributed potato salad.  I know many people do not like potlucks but I love them.  All the different food to try.   Delicious.  Kate and Drew are the resident bee keepers and they brought honey to share.  I was chatting with Richard who told me how gregarious I am - I have always thought as myself as an introvert but when I am with a group of people I know, it's easy to talk.  Being a reference librarian makes for good practice in getting people to talk about themselves.  Everyone had fun and the evening ended with a beautiful sunset.

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