Friday, September 24, 2010

What shall I write about?

What more can I do to my house that doesn't cost a butt load of money that will make it more sustainable?  What does that mean anyway?

I was washing the dishes last night - I do use the dishwasher but I also wash by hand when I'm cooking because often the pots and pans/measuring cups/measuring spoons need to be re-used.  There is only one sink with the plastic tub in it.  A lot of water is wasted!  Remember back on Memorial Day weekend when the basement sink drain clogged and I couldn't drain any water down the kitchen sink? I saved all the water in that plastic tub and every few minutes would walk outside and water various plants with it.  It was a big pain in the butt to do that but every day I realize how much water is wasted.  Especially since we are going into what seems like day 1000 without rain.  So what do I do?  There was an article years ago in the Washington Post about a couple who had rigged up all sorts of pipes and drains to capture gray water - from sinks and laundry.  Has anyone does this? How can I efficiently use my dish water and sink?

I also need a new kitchen floor - what should I get?

I need to get back on track to participate in Blog challenges.  Like these:

What else can I write about?


  1. Good suggestions - another thing I've done is put a pan in the shower floor. I really need to get a rain barrell and have my gutters feed into it.

  2. I do that already - I have a bucket in the shower every morning. That's what I fill the birdbath with and water the container plants.