Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Deal goes down

Yesterday was the day.  The day the deal was done

Pork (91 lbs).  Chicken (5 whole).  Jerky (3 packages).

The pork was from a heritage hog, Tamworth, that my farmer Allan raised. 

The chicken came from an Amish farmer in PA and this batch included some heritage ones, called Barred Silver Cockerel.

The Jerky came from somewhere!  I didn't order it, Sean wanted to try it.

Kathryn and Sean, waiting for the dealer to show up

The dealer (Farmer Allan) and his son, Logan

The goods!


Link sausage



Fresh ham steaks - how do I cook these?
 The girls

The Jerky

The storage unit

The user and her stash

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  1. Wow, between that and the canning you probably don't even need to go to the grocery anymore!

    My mom used to bake ham steaks with an orange glaze.