Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's blooming Nov 14

My life has been crazy busy.  Traveling last week and an out of town guest this week.  By the time I get home from work, I'm too tired to even look at the computer (and I spend all day on it anyway).  The Dark Days Challenge will begin soon and I would like to go back and review what I planted in the spring and comment on how successful it was (thank you Nyack Backyard for the idea).   A colleague on campus gave me his worm composter and one of my garden neighbors has extra red wiggler worms, so that is going to be a weekend project - maybe next week.  Another friend recently sent a link to an article about women with gray hair and I keep meaning to write something about that topic (love gray hair, obviously since I have a head of it)

Foliage is in full swing here in DC.  My yard has been a bit neglected since it's time to clean it up.  I did some raking and a little pruning today and then noticed there were still some random flowers.

Kousa Dogwood

Roses still going strong


Black-eyed Susan next to faded Asters

Ornamental grass


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  1. Yay, glad to hear the worm composter is happening. We love ours. Now that my daughter has a pet rabbit, I have to divide my vegetable ends and peelings between the worms and Bebe :-).