Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter garden update

We've had frost for a few days.  I went to the garden yesterday to do a little work.  Since the ground was frozen, I could not continue in my quest to rid the garden of all rocks - soil too hard to sift.  So I spent the morning putting wood chips on various paths and raking leaves from the garden entryway into the street (for the leaf collectors).  Picked greens for salad.

Last week, Sean put up some wire hoops and fabric row covers over the greens.  We'll see how long the greens will last.  The first snow and it's all over but it's almost Dec 1 and the greens look great.

Freshly dug parsnips and the last of the radishes.  I was going to cook the parsnips for Thanksgiving but then didn't.  I will make soup.

hoops and fabric

Sean and greens

worm bin.  I cleaned it out last week and have found a place in the basement.  I need to make bedding and then get worms.

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