Thursday, December 16, 2010

How did my garden grow?

My friend over at Nyack Backyard wrote a post back in the spring on grading her garden.  Here's my attempt to remember what I planted and how they all did

Leeks, planted in the fall, harvested in the summer.
           The leeks did okay.  Most of them were pretty woody - lots of thick stem that needed to be cut out.  My garden friend, Edouard, started leeks this summer and we transplanted them in September.  I think I need to mound up the dirt more on them.

Peas.  Dakota and Canoe 
           The peas did not do as well as last year.  There were peas, but I think our spring was too hot too fast and they didn't produce as well as they have in the past.  Also planted snow peas which again did not produce very well.  Peas are cool weather plants so the hot weather so early did them in.

Radishes: Gourmet Rainbow Mix
          Radishes always do well.  I let many of them go to flower because they are pretty and the bugs love them.

Chard: Five Colored Silverbeet
          Chard did ok and believe it or not, it's  still growing.  The bugs ate them alot.
Mustard: Kyoto Mizuna
           I love Mizuna.  It's grows very well.  I replanted it in Sept and it does great in the cool weather.
Spinach: Bordeaux Red-Stemmed
           This spinach was lovely but barely gave me a crop.  Again, I think the hot weather in April did it in,
Spinach: Regal
           I don't remember how this did but I did not get that much spinach this year.

Lettuce: London Springs Lettuce Mix
Lettuce: Yugoslavian Red
          Lettuce did great.  I always cut when small, like microgreens.
Arugula: Seeds bought at local Italian market
          I didn't like this type of arugula.  It was very bitter.

Broccoli Raab, Cima di Rapa 
          This was also done in by hot weather.  It bolted pretty quickly and didn't really develop any little broccoli type shoots.
Broccoli, DiCicco 
          Disaster.  I seeded these and did it too late.  The broccoli plants grew large but no broccoli.  This winter I will try starting them inside.

Beets, Chiogga.
         I love these beets.  These did very well although I didn't really have enough to pickle.

Cucumbers,  pickling and regular
         The cukes were the most successful plants in the garden this year.  I must have gotten 100 lbs of cukes!  I'm kidding but the cukes were stars.

         My tomatoes didn't do much at all. I tried one of those upside down planters and it didn't work.  The tomatoes were planted in the shadiest part of the garden this year and it showed.  The cherry tomatoes did well but to be honest I don't remember buying cherries.  These may have been volunteers.

Potatoes, Desiree and German Butterball
        Potatoes always do well and there were no exception.  Tons of potatoes.

        I planted these last Oct because the packet said they would winter over in my zone 7.  They did not, however, survive all the snow we got in Feb so I replanted in March.  The yield was ok, not great.  Favas are my new favorite legumes, so I will try these again this year

Green beans
    The green beans did very well.  I planted the filet kind and put in multiple plantings so there were beans all summer.  My gardening neighbor gave me some purple Italian pole beans that were delicious so this year I will try growing pole beans along my fence.

    Carrots always do well and this year was not an exception. Had enough to pickle and vacuum seal.

Sweet potatoes
    Nothing could compare to last year's  harvest.  This year the harvest was good but not nearly as prolific as last year.

Winter squash - amber cup
    I planted this squash a little later than usual because I was trying to stave off the bugs.  The bugs still came but several squashes were harvested.  Overall, this did well.

Summer squash, zucchini
    This did very well.  Plenty of zucchini.

    Garlic is planted in Nov and harvested in June or July.  It's now Dec and I'm still working on a great pile of garlic from the summer. 

Fennel - did not sprout, seeds may have been old

    I think I'm going to give up on peppers.  None of the plants did well, maybe because they were in the section of the garden that gets the least amount of sun.  I don't like the run of the mill green peppers so I usually plant banana and a couple of other kinds of red peppers but nothing really did well.

    Shallots did great.  Lots and lots of them.

    Also did great. I have a freezer full of them, waiting to be used.

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