Monday, December 6, 2010

Dark Days Challenge, 2010 - Week 1

This morning was my first meal in the Dark Days Challenge.    I am thawing a heritage chicken as I write for later in the week but since this  morning is cold and blustery, I decided to make an old standby for the first meal.

Grits with butter and sausage.

The grits are from a place in Raphine, Virginia called Wade's Mill.    A friend of mine recommended this place last year for the challenge when I was searching for a source of local flour.  I did buy flour, grits and corn meal this year although the flour is mostly sourced from the midwest.  Close enough.  The grits are the best I have ever eaten, really creamy and tasty.

The bowl was topped off with some butter from my local dairy, South Mountain Creamery.  I get a weekly delivery of milk along with butter, buttermilk, eggs, cider, cheese or whatever else looks good for the week.

The sausage comes from the 1/4 of a hog I bought from Farmer Allan.  He runs the CSA I've participated in for several years.    The tale of the hog delivery is in a previous post. 

The breakfast was delicious if not exactly low fat and low calorie.  Time to leave to walk to work!

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