Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This week's cookbook

I read a lot of cooking magazines and have a lot of cookbooks but meal planning is not something I do that often.  Usually I just open the fridge and try to figure out what to make every night.  During the summer it's easier since I come home with fresh vegetables every other day.

Tonight, I took out some fish fillets and then grabbed the cookbook The Six O'Clock Scramble.  My friend Sherry gave this to me a number of years ago because her friend is the author.  There is also a newsletter the Scramble

I used the Quick Tilapia with lemon, garlic and capers.  Saute some chopped garlic in olive oil, add fish fillets.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Cook for 4 min, turn and season.  Add a glug of lemon juice with a sprinkle of capers and cook for another 4 minutes.  I served this with Israeli couscous and steamed carrots with butter.  Very easy and tasty.

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