Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 2 of beanie vacation

Last night Sean and I went to a lovely 50th birthday dinner party.  That meant no eating from the pantry although I did bring some garden vegetables to the hostess.

I have a long to-do list that mostly focuses on yard work while the kids are away.  Sean and I went out to Homestead Farms to pick peaches and blackberries.  Before we left, I made scrambled eggs with chopped tomatoes and chives and parsley plus some of the heritage pig sausage.

Blackberries - these will be frozen

Peaches - still hard but when ripe, I will freeze these too

Once back from picking peaches, we took a look at the worm compost.  There is quite a bit of lovely compost but it's pretty wet and hard to sift out.  There didn't seem a good way to separate out the little red worms from the compost so I added food in one corner and prepared another layer of bedding for the 2nd tier. Let's see if that will do the trick to separate the worms from their poop.

After that, it was two hours weeding and pruning in the front yard.  It's supposed to get to 100 degrees later in the week so I'm going to hurry up and get the yard done in the next few days.

Lunch was leftover macaroni and cheese plus some lovely fuschia colored beet buttermilk soup.

I also made a batch of dill cucumber chips and used up all the cucumbers to date in the house.  While doing the dishes, I stupidly put a glass baking pan atop other pans in the dishrack and yes, it fell and broke over all the kitchen floor - I reached out my hand to try and stop it and in return cut the joint between thumb and first finger.  I think I will have a hard time typing tomorrow.

Beets - ready for the freezer

Dill cucumber pickles

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