Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day one of the Beanies vacation

The Beanies left today on vacation and my to-do list is long while they are away.  Tackling all the food in the refrigerator is top of the list.  I decided that while they were away, I would only eat what is in my fridge/freezer and pantry.  Sort of clean out before it's stocked again with the spoils of my garden.  Going to the farmer's market doesn't count however as the peaches are ripe and delicious.

So for breakfast this morning I made waffles with all ingredients at hand.  Beanie two used up the last of the maple syrup (on the list to buy when we are in Maine next month) so I heated up a little vanilla rhubarb jam with a little cranberry juice to make a sauce.  Delicious.

Beanie One with her naan and smoothie

Waffles.  This maker is over 20 years old - got as a gift many many years ago.  The leg is broken, hence being propped up with cutting board.

Sean had his waffles with strawberry jam

Beanie two being difficult about having his picture taken

My waffles with rhubarb jam

Sean and I went to the garden today to weed, water and tidy up.  For lunch, I dragged out lots of stuff from the fridge

Tomato, cherries, zucchini pickles, dilly beans, cheese

Potatoes and green beans already cooked. I dressed with lemon vinaigrette

Our sandwiches!  tomatoes, cheddar cheese, lettuce, zucchini pickles and mustard

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