Friday, December 23, 2011

Dark Days Challenge - Week 4

The problem with trying to come up with meals that are purely local is that most of my meals have some local component to it everyday.  Last night, Aunty Tess and Bea came over and the meal was totally local but I didn't want that to count since we had roast chicken - a repeat of week 1 I think.  Roast chicken from the farmer's market, scalloped potatoes (potatoes from market, milk and cream from my local dairy), glazed carrots (from market) and sauteed spinach with garlic (market and my garden).

Earlier this week, I did make a lovely soup.  Pears and carrots from the New Morning Farm market, parsnips from my garden and the last of the ginger from Farmer Allan.

Delicious although Mr Gourmet commented that I shouldn't use pear next time because the texture was grainy.  Huh?  He wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't told him.

This is the same child that called me yesterday to say "mom, I'm making bread, where's the dough hook?"

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