Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back from Hiatus

It's been awhile since I have posted.  This summer has been a tough one because my work environment has become very toxic.  My friends and family keep advising me to detach but I am finding that hard to do so I am going to try and come back to the blog.

My vegetable garden has done fairly well this summer considering we had a cold May and lots and lots of rain.  The peas failed which was a disappointment because there are always enough to freeze but there ended up only being enough for a meal or two.  The asian beans, on the other hand, grew like crazy.  I froze and pickled some.

So far this summer I have made strawberry jam, strawberry vinegar, spicy dill beans and bread and butter pickles.  There are enough cucumbers for another batch of pickles so I am going to make the freezer pickles I did last year.  I received a whole bag of tomatoes yesterday from farmer Allan so I chopped them and cooked them done and ran them through the food mill.  Next step is to cook down the tomato sauce and then can it.

There isn't much food in the house because the beanies are in Los Angeles.  Tonight's meal was made out of the fridge.

Tomato Pea Shrimp Risotto

The helper

Yum yum

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