Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beautiful spring day

It's the end of our fiscal year and one can only carry over so many vacation hours.  I did not plan well this year because I had about 2 weeks worth of vacation to take in April.  Emma and I went to Savannah for one week and I'm now taking the rest of the time off, a day here, a day there.  That's Brian you hear in the background playing his tiny violin!

I spent the morning in the vegetable garden.  I sifted several wheelbarrows full of compost and added it all to a couple of planting beds.  The potatoes are late arriving this year but the email just came from Territorial Seeds that they have been shipped.  So the bed for the potatoes is now loosened and compost worked in.  I also prepared the bed for the asian long beans and edaname.  Those were planted today along with more carrots, onions, purple beans, cilantro.  Rocks keep appearing so I spent too much time picking them out of the beds.

The first real harvest!

Mint.  Brian has been asked for minty limeade. 

Mustard Greens.  These wintered over and are about done.  I think I will saute in bacon grease.  Add a splash of vinegar.  Yum

Lettuce that wintered over.  The new seeded lettuce is coming up strong. 

Leeks!  These are beautiful.  Not sure what to make.  Either leek and potato soup or a tart of some kind.

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