Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's blooming in January

There's a lot of snow out there and I'm afraid of seeing my plants after all the snow melts.  At least no branches broke off the trees in the yard.  There are many many broken branches throughout my neighborhood. 

There are some pretty plants blooming in the house.

Oh wait, he is pretty but not a plant.  Here is Sean shoveling my steps during our recent snowstorm.   He looks a little demonical.

Here are the the blooms

Crown of Thorns

Orchid.  This was given to me by my neighbor, 8 years ago when I moved into my house.  Talk about benign neglect.  This plant faithfully blooms every year.

Another orchid with buds.  This one will bloom white.

Orchid.  I can't say who or where this came from.  Let's just say a friend of mine, may or may not have been in Singapore recently.  She (or he) might have visited the Botanical Gardens there and bought an orchid.  This friend of mine may have come for dinner last week and brought me this orchid as a gift.  Just don't tell the custom agents.

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  1. They look pretty dangerous! No, really, they just look pretty.