Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Garden Projects

"why do all my projects make you stressed?"

Those are the words that Sean asked me last week, while we were at the community garden workday.

His projects make me stressed because I am a simple woman with simple needs.  Sean is a complicated man with big ideas.  So when I asked him to fix my garden gate, that translated into a visit to Community Forklift for inspiration.  We bought a huge, thick piece of wood along with a screen door and some grandiose plan to build an architectural marvel in my garden.  When he mentioned renting an auger, I said enough is enough, I AM A SIMPLE WOMAN, NO AUGER.

So, last Saturday, while I was helping to weed around the blackberry bushes, Sean was installing a new door.  He used a shovel to dig the hole for the post (Danny, my garden neighbor asked if he used cement at the bottom of the hole - every one tries to help out in the garden!)

 Thank you honey, you did good.

Since last fall, I have been collecting wine bottles.  I have a cadre of friends saving them for me and finally, I have pictures to show what I am doing.  Not sure how it's going to work out but as I told Penni, the garden manager, it's an experiment.  If it doesn't work, I will pull out all the bottles and try something else.  I am planting the bottles to create borders around the garden beds.

That boxy trellis you see?  Another one of Sean's grand ideas.  I said, build me a trellis for my long beans and I got a box!

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