Sunday, April 21, 2013

What is in Bloom in April in Washington DC.

Sean and I took the day off on Friday and drove up to the Brandywine Valley area of PA/DE.  We had an ambitious 2-day plan but ended up only seeing a couple of places.  The first stop was Winterthur Museum and Garden.    This is the estate of Henry Francis DuPont - amazing gardens and the house has 175 rooms!  How could one possible live in a house with that many rooms.  We spent several hours there and had no time to see anything else on Friday.  On Saturday, we went to Longwood Gardens - the former estate of Pierre S. DuPont.  (I assume these men were cousins).  The Gardens are only two hours north of DC but are behind in what is blooming there.  Daffodils just coming out while the daffodils are pretty much over in my yard.  We ended up spending the morning and early afternoon at Longwood as there was so much to see so we were not able to get to the Brandywine River Museum, home of the works of NC, Andrew and Jamie Wyeth.

It's chilly in DC this morning but my yard is in full bloom.

Korean Spice Viburnum 

Creeping Jenny and Hakonechloa grass.  This area is going to get more sun this year since the neighbor cut down the Mulberry tree that was shading it.

Flowering Solomon Seal.  I wasn't sure this was going to make it so I'm very happy to see this.

 Coral Bells, Creeping Jenny, Pulmonaria (Lungwort)

Lilacs!  I cut out lots of old branches from this last fall and my intention was to dig it up and replace it with something else.  The lilac bush must have know my idea because this is the best it's bloomed in years.   It's really too hot for lilacs in DC but this one has revived.


 Lettuce that wintered over in the cold frame.  Salad tonight!

 Sweet Woodruff, under the Kousa Dogwood

Hostas emerging 

 Pansies from the winter

 Sorrel.  I planted it last year but didn't use it.  This year, I will cook with it.


Oklahoma Redbud. I love this tree

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