Monday, April 26, 2010

English Ivy - Arrgghhh

My neighbor has English Ivy.  Actually both of my neighbors have ivy but this story is only about one side of my yard.  Along the border of my yard with my neighbor, there were rusted metal poles with a wire fence of sorts.  For years, I've been battling this because the ivy and weeds would climb over it and it was a pain to trim.  Last year I asked my neighbor if I could get rid of this crappy fence system and I was informed that in fact, it was my crappy fence system.  Last year I just didn't have the energy to tackle the overgrown ivy but it was on my to-do list for this year.  Today was the perfect day.  It's been raining for a couple of days so the ground was moist and I thought the fence posts would be easier to remove.

So, Sean and I decided to tackle this project today.  We clipped, we pulled, we dug, we used wire cutters and we swatted the swarms of gnats that were landing on our sweaty faces.

One particular fence post was difficult to remove since whoever did it, sunk it in cement.  So we dug a big hole all around it and took the hammer to the cement.  While pushing the fence post back and forth, it actually snapped off - luckily it snapped below the surface of the ground, so we just threw back in the rocks and covered it with dirt.

The next round, I will continue to clip back the ivy.  (have I said how much I HATE IVY).

The question is, what to plant on the slope?

My yard is to the right, neighbor's to the left.  See ivy on lower left, and growing up Bradford Pear tree (another yucky tree but my neighbor likes it)

The slope is in my yard.  I need a non-invasive ground cover for the slope.

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  1. Can you use phlox as a ground cover? I also hate ivy. There's some in my backyard that is driving me crazy.