Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vegetable Garden planting - April 29

Today I took the day off to go to the nursery to buy perennials and tomatoes, peppers and tomatillos.   My gardening friend and I went to a local nursery where we had to remove heavy blankets from the tables to get to the vegetables.  The past few days it's been in the 30's and 40's overnight.  Still cold to plant but I was determined.  Especially since the next few days will be very warm.

The perennials I bought were Agastache (to go in the space where I pulled out the dead lavender).  This is also called Anise Hyssop and grows big spiky blue flowers. I have never grown it so it's a new plant for me.  I also bought a hibiscus, St John's Wort and Creeping Phlox for the slope, Clelone or Pink Turtlehead (to replace a dead hydrangea).  Yesterday there was a plant sale on campus so I bought three kinds of ferns to go in alongside the walkway to the basement.

For vegetables, it was 7 tomato plants (roma, pineapple, celebrity, yellow pear and a couple others I can't remember), 4 peppers (sweet banana, hungarian hot wax and 2 red peppers whose name escapes me), 1 purple tomatillo plant.

Once at the garden, I decided it was warm enough to plant the cucumbers (Poinsett, a slicing kind and Alibi, a pickling cuke), green beans (Cupidon French filet and Nickel, another filet bean), Zucchini (Giamba), Mizuna and lettuce under the cuke screens.

All in all, a very productive day.

The poppies are blooming!  These are the ones I don't want because they spread like crazy

Shelling peas on right, snow peas in lower center.  To the left of snow peas, a row of green beans were planted today

Two screens that Sean's dad gave me.  Cukes planted on the outside of each side.  Lettuce and Mizuna planted under the screen,

The greens are all doing well.

Tomatoes and Peppers.  Mulched with straw

Broccoli Raab and broccoli on left, Favas on right with some random potatoes that popped up.  Green beans planted in between raab and broccoli.

The potatoes I really planted this year.  There are random ones all over the garden from previous years.

Shallots are doing well

Carrots with the garlic

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  1. Looking good there! So how is everything doing now that we've had this warm weekend (you too?). I think you'll love the Anise Hyssop - I planted it late last summer and it popped right up and is very fragrant. Was it you that grew Stevia last year? I tried starting some seeds this year. Very difficult. I don't think any of them are going to make it.

    I'm on the lookout for some pepper seedlings - you have a nice variety. Love the way you've turned the screen into a trellis - I may try to do the same with an old baby gate!