Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First harvest of the season

My greens in the vegetable garden all look fabulous but since I thickly seeded everything, it's time to start thinning.  The good news is all these thinnings can be eaten in a delicious salad.  Here was this week's meal

Mint on the left. Spinach on top, mizuna on the right, mustard on bottom.  Ate a salad of the greens and used the mint in my iced tea.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off to go to the nursery to the buy tomatoes, tomatillos and peppers.  Will plant in the garden along with seeding cukes and green beans.  I have no idea where everything is going to go since there are still sweet potatoes, winter squash and zucchini to plant.  My garden neighbor has assured me that between our two plots, there will be enough room for everything.  His rhubarb is ready to pick and I printed out recipes for rhubarb sorbet and rhubarb punch to try.  Let the preserving begin!

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