Sunday, April 18, 2010

Water Bills

My new low flow toilet is fabulous.  Will it save me any money though?  My friend brought me recently an extra low flow shower head so that has now been installed.  There are three rain barrels set up outside my house with hoses attached. I'm hoping I won't have to turn on the water at all outside this summer although I suppose it will have to rain sometimes to fill the barrel.

February 2010 the bill was $35
March 2010 = $42
April 2010 = $67

Due to the #$%^%$# leaky toilet - the innards were actually replaced last year when one month the high bill was over $90.  So we'll see what happens next month.  Not sure how to save more on water.  My kids already think I'm over the top with the bucket in the shower to catch the water that falls before it heats up - I do this in the summer and use that water every morning to fill the bird bath or water the container plants.

This toilet better live up to its reputation.

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  1. Hey, I like the idea of catching the pre-heated shower water! I never thought of that, but think I'll start doing it.