Monday, April 19, 2010

What's blooming in the yard - April 19

The garden is growing well - we need some rain and it's too early to plant more perennials.  Some of my fellow vegetable gardeners have already put in their tomatoes but it is really too early - last night it was in the 30's.  My plan is to take a day off next week to go buy the tomatoes and peppers and then plant them.

Here is what is blooming in my home garden this week

Lemon Balm - really taking over this bed

Hosta, Coral Bells, Hakonechloa

Azalea - don't really like them but this is in the backyard. I didn't plant it but I'm keeping it.

Gorgeous Viburnum

The first irises!  Just out today

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  1. I'm in love with the color of that smokebush!! And your iris is incredible! I agree that it's too early for tomatoes, even down there. They could stunt if you put them in now.