Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I want one.  Not some little fussy machine that eats a few leaves.  I want a heavy duty chipper/shredder that will eat all my stalks (sunflowers, joe pye weed), little branches (butterfly bush) and big branches (silver maple).  One I can take to the community garden to mulch up those tomato plants and okra stalks that are NOT supposed to go in the community compost pile.  Do the community gardeners listen about what to put in the joint compost?  No they don't, so there is lots of stuff that won't break down in there.  If I had my heavy duty chipper, I could be the hero of the garden.

Now is the time the neighborhood is raking and piling the leaves on the street for the city to collect.  It is a mystery to me what happens after that.  Apparently the city composts the leaves and makes the resulting product available for city residents but where and when? I have never been able to find out.  My solution would be to roam the neighborhood and shred leaves.  We occasionally have an older man come around the neighborhood with his truck, sharpening knives, scissors and what have you. He announces his presence with a bell on the truck.  When I hear the bell, I grab what I can and run like the wind out the door to catch him.  I could do that with my chipper.  Just the roar of the machine would let the neighbors know I 'm coming and to have those leaves and other cuttings ready.

Oh baby


  1. Is he an older man or just an old man? When does one become an old man? Maybe I should ask Hemingway...

  2. I'm with you. If we lived near each other we could go halvsies. I rented one once when we had a big tree go down - it was a surprising amount of work and I was bushed (no pun intended ... well, maybe a little)


  3. Maybe you could start a collection and then be the person that takes care of the machine and the only person allowed to use it so that others don't break it.

  4. He's probably in his 60's. So since he's older than me, he's an older man.