Saturday, October 31, 2009

Am I ready for this?

My freezer is full up with enough food to participate in the Dark Days Challenge.  The winter garden is going strong and the cold frame has been planted.  I'm ready.

Especially since I just ordered my Heritage Hog from Farmer Allan at Fresh and Local CSA

Last year I bought a 1/2 hog from him and when I asked him what kind, he said it was a Large Black Hog.

This year, it will be a Tamworth Hog.

I was a vegetarian for over 20 years so I try not to announce to everyone how much I LOVE pork these days.


  1. I just saw that movie "Food Inc." and let me tell you - it has really turned me off of grocery store meat. I think I would need an extra freezer for half a hog! Does the meat come in butchered cuts or do you have to do it? It does seem like a great way to meet the Dark Days challenge. Have fun with it!
    - Jenny

  2. I have an extra freezer in my basement. It was not that expensive to buy and comes in handy for my extra produce and meat. The hog will come in butchered cuts. Last year, it was chops, bacon, ribs, sausage, butt, roast. The farmer is letting me know what the cuts will be this year.