Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tool Sharing

Tool sharing is a great idea. There was an update in the Washington Post Magazine recently about a woman who tried to start up a similar idea in California. There are many specialized tools that would be useful but only for specific purposes. Not enough use to justify buying them, such as the chipper. No homeowner here in the city really has use of a heavy duty shredder. Maybe I can find several like minded souls to cost share. Or that one person in the city who has one and I could trade pickles for the use of the shredder. My mother is a lawyer and she once bartered her services for a year's worth of hair salon services. If I owned a shredder, then in the dark of night, I would chop down the junky trees that overhang my yard, growing from the rental property adjacent to me. The rental property next door has every crappy tree and invasive vine growing into my yard. That is a rant for another time.

Here is an article from Mother Earth News on tool sharing. (I like this magazine but they seem to be obsessed with chickens. Every issue has something about raising chickens)


  1. Stacey, There is a tool library in Takoma Park. Or at least they did in the past. List of tool libraries from Wikipedia


  2. Takoma Park? I don't know, they are pretty snooty over there, I bet they wouldn't let me borrow their tools!