Friday, October 23, 2009

Water Audit

Yesterday, a representative from RiverSmart Homes paid me a visit.   They are a group from the District Department of the Environment and are committed to reducing storm water runoff.  My yard is already water friendly, but I thought, well, let's see if there is more that can be done.  They offer reduced prices on rain barrels and shade trees and provide grant money to have rain gardens and bayscaping installed in one's yard.  The only thing my yard qualified for was rain barrels.  My front lawn has already been replaced with garden beds, concrete walkway removed and replaced with pavers and the backyard is still used by the kids.  The rain barrels hold 150 gallons so they are much bigger than the one that is currently in my yard.  I'm going to order 2 and and maybe try to convince my neighbor to install one in our common area. 

Rain barrels are nice in theory and they make everyone feel good but in fact, they don't collect that much water.  One hour of a rainstorm and they are full.  They service my needs to hand water my containers plants  but I can't count on rain barrels to get me through the summer watering.  2 more huge barrels will help but really the next step is to have a cistern dug into the backyard.

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