Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Many of my friends catalog their books using LibraryThing.

I prefer using my notebook to jot down what books I have read but after dealing with scraps of paper all over the place, with book titles on them, I decided to try LibraryThing to keep track of the books I WANT to read.

I read a lot of book reviews (that's my job!) so when there are interesting books, I log them into the site and apply tags (Italian mystery, baseball, etc).  I like to read mysteries and when a new author is started, I end up listing very book by that author and try to put in the notes the order of the books.  Most mysteries you don't need to read in order but that's how I prefer to do it.

There are lists for both the kids, books they have recommended as well as ones I think they might enjoy.

E is an avid reader but this year is the first year she has had to deal with required reading and she is having a tough time with that.    She's having a hard time slogging through the books that don't interest her.  Any words of wisdom other than "sorry honey, you just have to read it"


  1. I'll have to check out Library Thing, never heard of it until now. I'm an avid fan of Goodreads!

  2. I love LibraryThing!

    Try having your daughter make a game out of reading stuff she may not be interested in like searching for a specific list of words while reading etc. Or have her describe what she would have done differently if she had had to write the book on that subject.

    (Worked for my kids when I was homeschooling them.)