Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dark Days Challenge Week 15

I've started getting vegetables delivered once a week from my dairy, South Mountain Creamery.  Last summer, they started sort of a home delivered CSA.  The dairy didn't grow any of their own crops but the idea was they would contract with local farms and then provide a delivery service.  Their summer program sold out pretty quickly.  Since I have my own garden and participate in another CSA, I wasn't interested in their veggies for the summer.  I discovered they offer a winter program from Dec to May so I signed up for that.  I've been getting vegetables for a few weeks now.  Every Fri I get an email, telling me what is in my delivery and where the produce originates.  Most is from PA but they are getting some produce from FL.  Florida is not exactly local to me, so I need to be aware of what veggies I'm using for the Dark Days challenge meal.

I've gotten beets from PA for the past couple of weeks. I made pickled beets one week and yesterday I made my favorite beet buttermilk soup.  It's very easy and delicious.  Boil beets until tender, peel and then put in blender with enough buttermilk to blend smoothly.  Season with salt, pepper and dill.  It comes out a lovely fuschia color.  The buttermilk is fabulous and comes from my local dairy.

Tonight I had tap dancing class and I always feed the kids before I go.  I figured I would have soup and maybe a baked sweet potato as my local meal tonight.  By the time I got home, I was too tired to do anything other than pour out some soup.  No potato tonight but I think I will bring one to work tomorrow for lunch

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  1. a beet soup that's not borscht - what a treat!