Monday, February 8, 2010

When there is a blizzard, plan your garden

It's a snow day today.  The DC metro area was hit with over 2 feet of snow this weekend.  More snow is predicted for tomorrow and Wed.  Where is all this snow going to go?


What better time than to order seeds for my vegetable garden?
Cucumbers - Pointsett, Cool Breeze (Cornichon type) and Wautoma (Pickling)
Fava - Statissa
Shallots - Sante
Kale - Fizz
Lettuce - Wild Garden Mix, London Springs Mix
Wild Garden Mustard
Kyoto Mizuna
Onions - Tropeana Lunga
Onions - Copra
Parsnips - Javelin
Shelling Peas - Canoe and Dakota
Snow Peas - Oregon Sugar Pod
Spinach - Regal
Sweet Potato - Georgia Jet
Sunflowers - Double Dandy, Waooh
Cosmos - Unique Mix
Marigold -Mars
California Poppy - Apricot Chiffon
Snapdragon - Rainbow Mix

From Abundant Life
Broccoli - Di Cicco
French Filet Bean - Cupidon
Kohlrabi - Azur Star
Leek - King Richard
Lettuce - Victoria
Lettuce - Yugoslavian Red
Potatoes - Desiree
Potatoes - German Butterball
Swiss Chard - Five Color Silverbeet
Garlic - Turkish Giant Red

From John Scheepers
Beets - Chioggia
Broccoli Raab - Cima di Rapa
Beans - Nickel
Carrots - Royal Chantenay
Radish - Gourmet Rainbow
Mizuna - Lime Streaked
Spinach - Bordeaux Red Stemmed


  1. Wow! Reading that list gives me beautiful visions of warmer days!

  2. Hoo boy - you have the same weakness for seeds that I do, my dear!

    Just keep telling yourself it's cheaper than a CSA membership ;-0