Monday, February 8, 2010

I finished my socks!

I've been house bound because of the snow so it was a good time to settle down and just knit.  I finished one sock yesterday and the other today.  My elbows are a little sore.  I've decided I don't like the one circular needle method (Magic Loop) and think I will stick to double pointed needles.  Even on the DP, I made a couple of mistakes.  Usually I can watch TV at the same time as knitting but this pattern needed more concentration on my part.  Overall they look pretty good although they are a little loose.  I'm thinking about throwing them into the washing machine (not the dryer) hoping to shrink them.

I don't have another project lined up because I really need to reduce my stash and start knitting little things from that.  Wrist warmers are next.


  1. Love your socks Stacey! I finished my sock 1 and am quite happy with it!

  2. great socks!
    and post those stash-reducing ideas - I've been trying to do one-skein projects because of a great yarn shop with all this tempting (expensive) yarn. But truly, how many scarves can I knit? All my friends have scarves, I have a billion...

    doing a bag to felt for a friend now (3 skeins I think).