Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cooking from the pantry

As you all know, my freezer and pantry are full.  Luckily, my pork delivery has been delayed a couple of weeks so there is still time to reduce the inventory of pork products.  I decided that Sundays would be a good day to "cook from the pantry".  I'm hoping the dark day challenge that I did last year will be hosted again this year - a perfect way to cook my way through all the food I preserved.

I defrosted a bag of sausage, a bag of tomato puree and several tomato cubes.  The idea was to make a sauce to serve with Pasta.

Tomato puree with cubes


I heated some olive oil and sauteed crushed garlic and shallots (both from my garden).  Added about 2/3 of the bag of sausage and browned.  Poured in thawed tomato puree and cubes.  Seasoned with Penzy's Italian Herb mix and some salt.  Simmered for several hours.

Went to the vegetable garden today and picked a nice assortment of greens

Served sauce over Penne (not homemade!)

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