Sunday, October 3, 2010

Late garden harvest and tilling

Yesterday, Sean and I walked to the garden (to walk off a late lunch at Chipotle - which followed a fun afternoon at the Crafty Bastard Arts Fest in Adams Morgan).    It was a lovely day and we had a lovely walk.  Once at the garden, I decided to take a few pictures of the greens and then pick some greens and the last of the cherry tomatoes.

Lettuce and ignore the big old weed that's nestled in there.

The last of the squash and a few sweet potatoes

Mixed greens - lettuce, mizuna, spinach and beet greens

Hot peppers from Edouard's plot

The last of the cherries

Today, Sunday, I went to the garden early this morning to actually do some work. It was time to dig up all the sweet potatoes and to turn over some of the plots and weed a little.  Plus, I spread more wood chips on my paths.  I wrenched my back either digging or shoveling chips so I've been hobbling around today.

Sweet potatoes with a few regular potatoes thrown in

This is the plot where the sweet potatoes were - there are a couple of squash vines left because there are squash on them.  I turned over the plot, plus dug out the path and added it to the bed.


Weeded greens bed

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