Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Warm October Day

This weekend has been glorious.  Warm and sunny but not hot.  Yesterday, Sean and I spent the afternoon walking around Georgetown - something I hardly ever do. 

Today, I spent the morning in the vegetable garden.  I planted the shallots - next year I won't order any since I really have more than enough to set aside to plant.  My garden neighbor Marina wants some so I will give her some shallots to plant the next time I see her.

Last week I dug out paths to make the beds more raised.  This week, I put wood chips on the paths and then took my little compost sifter and worked over some beds.  There are so many rocks that this year I vowed to do something about it.  The task is daunting but I figure slow and steady will get the job done.

Here are a few things that were picked today

The last two squash.  The squirrels were eating them and they really weren't ready to pick yet but I did.  I cut them up to steam the pieces and the little one just wasn't worth it.  Into the compost it will go.

Mixed greens - radicchio, mizuna, lettuce, mustard and arugula

The cherry tomatoes are still producing!

A few pictures from the front yard.

Aster - the last flower to bloom.  The blooms just started yesterday

Japanese Anemone


The roses are hanging on





  1. Ridding the garden of rocks... a truly Sisyphean task!

  2. Not a bad late season harvest! We did our fall harvest at the school yesterday, now I guess it's really time to pull stuff out and admit that the season is over.