Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Week'sCSA

I'm a little late in describing last week's CSA.  I picked it up on Tuesday and the rest of the week, Sean and I went out every night.  That never happens, it just so happened we had events all week.  So I didn't actually see what I had gotten until Saturday

In this week's bag was lettuce,  Japanese White "salad" turnips, Spring Onions
Cabbage Greens, purple "new" Gourmet Potatoes and  "Green Garlic"

I boiled up and fried the potatoes for breakfast before I was able to take a picture of them.   I also used up the spring onions too - diced them and sauteed with black beans.  Had this with scrambled eggs for breakfast with the fried potatoes.

There are radishes, greens, eggs, and turnips. I haven't used any of these yet but I will have a salad tomorrow with the lettuce, radishes and turnips.

These are beans from my garden.  I made shrimp, pea and fava bean risotto for dinner and had the beans steamed with butter.


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