Saturday, June 11, 2011

What the garden looks like today

I finally remembered to take the camera to the garden.  My neighbor Edouard is away for the month so I am watering for two.  Went out early this morning to water and pick a couple of things.  The peas are ready to be pulled - I think I will just plant more green beans.

Beans in forefront, potatoes in upper right

Garlic with dill

Spent peas on left, tomatoes in back, squash to right

A new kind of bean for me this year - red! These should be ready in a couple of days

Kohlrabi - delicious, raw and sliced in salads.

Radish flowers. I let them go to seed because I think the flowers are so pretty

Sweet potatoes

Fava beans

Edaname - first try for these, there are flowers so I hope there will be soybeans

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