Saturday, June 11, 2011

Preserving the harvest

The snow peas this year were crazy. I planted too many of those and not enough of the regular shelling peas.  The peas are done now, the plants will need to be pulled out pretty soon.  Not sure what to plant in their place.

Snow peas - lots and lots of them

Blanched and ready to be frozen

Frozen first, then vacuumed sealed

Had the last batch of arugula from my garden (it's now gone to seed.  I'm letting it go to seed with the hope that it will reseed and grow in the fall.  I'm trying the same thing with the spinach).  This is pesto made with the arugula.

Shelling peas.  Right to the freezer

Fava beans!

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  1. Beautiful Stacey! I never liked peas much growing up, but then I had my father-in-law's fresh from the garden and it was like an entirely different vegetable! I usually grow sugar snap peas but only put in a couple of plants this year. It would be so great to have some frozen ones to use in the dead of winter.