Sunday, January 13, 2013

Eating from the Pantry

Over the years, I have tried to make a menu plan at the beginning of the week.  As the kids got older, they would help out with the plan and choose a dish each to make.  This weekly menu plan is purely dependent on my mood on Sunday.  Sometimes it would get done and it made the week so much easier, knowing what I was going to cook.  More often than not, no menu plan.

Emma will be 16 in a couple of months and we have discussed having her learn a few dishes to cook She has no interest in cooking so I have never pressed it.  She's very good at baking but needs some skills in the cooking department.  So I have decided to try and resurrect the menu planning.

Grains, spices, vinegar, mom's honey

What would your basic dishes be that I can teach Emma to cook?

Upstairs Freezer.  Yes, Gifford's from Maine, Grape Nut ice cream.  The BEST.

Today, Sean and I took an inventory of the upstairs and downstairs freezers and what I have on the basement shelves.  I need to start cooking from my stores.

 Basement Freezer

Canned goods

1.  Roast chicken - a must

what else?

Here is my inventory list - this doesn't count the pantry - I have all kinds of beans and grains and rice.

What would you make from this list?

Freezer inventory - Upstairs

Parm cheese
Rye flour
Almond meal
Malt powder
Graham cracker crumbs
Toffee bits
Dried figs
Bread crumbs
Sweet dough
Sweet potato fries
French fries
Veggie burgers
Turkey burgers
Hamburger Buns
Buttermilk rolls
Turkey meat
Pork sausage links
Vegetable wontons
Veggie sausage
Pork and celery dumplings
Chicken breast - 1
Butter - 2
Argula pesto - with and without cheese
Basil with oil
Tomato puree cubes
Crushed tomato - 1 pint bag

Basement Shelves

Sweet potatoes
Blackberry jam
Zucchini relish
Pizza sauce
Crushed tomatoes
Zucchini pickles
Green tomato salsa
Dilly beans
Rhubarb grapefruit marmalade
Strawberry jam
Strawberry syrup
Fig jam
Rhubarb vanilla jam

Basement Freezer

Pecans – 2
Butter – 4
Whole wheat flour
Crushed tomatoes – 7 pints
Crushed tomatoes – 2 quarts
Crushed tomatoes – 10 pint bags
Tomato cubes – 3 bags
Cranberries – 1
Chicken stock – 2 quarts
Hot dog buns
Green beans – 7
Tomatillos – 1
Hot peppers – 1 gal
Plum tomatoes – 1 gal
Puree sweet potatoes
Pork loin roast – 7
Fresh pork ham roast – 8
Chicken breasts
2 whole chickens
Ground pork – 7
Bulk sausage – 5
Pork spare ribs - 2
Sausage links - 4
Strawberries – 3 gals
Blackberries – 1 gal
Sour cherries – 1 gal
Peaches – 7 pkgs

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  1. As a baker that learned to cook, I'd say foods that use baking are a good start. Like pizza, pot pie, and things like that. Learning to properly cook meat is a good skill, if you can bake and cook meat you can do a lot. :)