Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Walkway problems

(thanks to all for the plant suggestions - some plants are identified, some are still unknown - I need to do some more research on houseplant sites).

This winter will be the time to work on some garden projects.  Sean and I are planning on making a trip to Community Forklift to scope out supplies.  Here is the list of gardening projects to date to work on.

1.  Sean wants to lay in rocks in the slight slope in the front yard.  He has a vision, not sure what he wants to do.

2.  My door for the vegetable garden needs to be rebuilt/replaced

3.  I read a cool article in Mother Earth News about fitting your rain barrel to run two soaker hoses.

4.  The window to the cold frame broke so I need to find another window the same size or bigger to fit the frame

5.  The project that needs the most attention is addressing the issue of the path on the side of the house.  Here are some pictures

I have stones and dirt.  I need to put something between the stones - but what?

This book,  Revolutionary Yardscape, has some nice ideas that involved tumbled pottery - I don't have a tumber or enough pottery!

I need ideas for this walkway.  There are plants on either side of it but obviously not enough to prevent the dirt from running over the stones.  This is my number one priority for spring.

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