Sunday, January 6, 2013

What's in Bloom in the yard

Today is a sunny lovely day.  I walked around the yard and the good ole jasmine has started to bloom.  I'm ambivalent about this plant - if there was actually a wall in the front yard for it to hang over, that would work better than what is happening now.  It's a bit of a thuggish plant for the spot it's in.  At least it can be chopped to the ground every 3-4 years.  This garden is now 9 years old and I look at it thinking that I want to redo the whole thing.  That thought is exhausting!

Skimmia berries.  This plant is dying - I will remove it in the spring

Russian Sage - artistically arranged by Sean

Boxwood - what is the problem here?

Winter Jasmine

Day lily!  Trying to bloom

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