Thursday, January 3, 2013

Latest knitting adventure

My latest knitting adventure is to make a rug out of t-shirts.  I've always wanted to teach myself how to make a braided rug - bought the book and everything - but it just seems so time consuming and you need a table to set the whole project on.  So, how about knitting?

This video is fun and shows how to make yarn out of a t-shirt

The kids weeded out some t-shirts and I attempted to make a rug last year.

I started on straight needles and switched to what I thought was the same size circular needles - apparently not!

More t-shirts were weeded this fall and I thought I would try again.  Started and finished on size 15 circular needles.  This rug came out much better this time around.  I had to beg Sean for a t-shirt as more was needed to finish.

A simple garter stitch.

The parts of the t-shirt that I didn't use (the neck and sleeves), I plan on using as mulch in the veg garden.  Lay it down between rows of vegetables and cover with straw or compost.  Hopefully that will keep the weeds at bay.

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  1. Cool. I just bookmarked this as a possible project: