Monday, January 28, 2013

January Resolutions

The only resolution I made this year was to try a new restaurant or two each month.  Does that count as a resolution?  I thought resolutions were punitive in nature - or good for you.  I have started running again but didn't want that as a resolution although maybe actually signing up for some races would be a good thing.  Those darn beanies take up my time and I can't seem to do the training schedule of running 4 days a week.  Heck, I can't even find the time to do a 15 min yoga session in the morning to start my day.

I am excited about going on my first ever yoga retreat in March.  Kent Island in March.   I can barely bend over anymore so I better start doing a dog or two on a regular basis so I don't embarrass myself.

Here is where we are staying - wow!

Back to eating.

The first place Sean and I tried was a new Vietnamese restaurant in Glover Park.  Glover Park abuts Georgetown and is not too far from where I live.  When I lived in Montreal, there were quite a number of Vietnamese place but I seldom ate there because it is meat based cuisine, and at the time, I was a vegetarian. I am a Johnny come lately to the cuisine and even now, I tend towards the sandwiches and not to the Pho with all that beef broth!

Sprig and Sprout, 2317 Wisconsin Ave - right next to the strip club.  Speaking of strip clubs, that was another activity I would occasionally participate in while living in Montreal - there were two young women who lived in my dorm (Molson Hall - yes, that's right, named after the beer family) forever to be know as Penny and Julia.  Penny and Julia loved going to the male strip clubs.  They went every week.  EVERY WEEK!  Every so often, they would convince their friends to come along.  To be honest, men look better with their clothes on.  When Emma, Sean and I were in Montreal this past summer, Emma's favorite time was walking on St. Catherine's street, photographing all the sex shops.  As she would say "good times"

So, the first new restaurant for the new year was Sprig and Sprout.  A small place but very cheery inside.  I had the Banh Mi with Lemongrass Chicken and Sean had the Pho with brisket.  I'm not a restaurant reviewer but the food was delicious and I think we can add this place to our work lunch rotation.

The 2nd place we tried this month was not new to either of us.  In fact, my kids LOVE Moby Dick.  They have the best rice of anywhere.  Beanie Two begs to go to Moby Dick and then won't share the rice with me.  Sean and I ate at the Bethesda location - I always get the falafel and this time around got the platter which came with my own side of the delicious rice.  Sean at some long meat cigar - he said it was good.  Cheap delicious food.

I've started reading a number of food related DC blogs.  I live in a city - there are so many places to eat!  Why do Sean and I end up at the same places all the time.  We need dates to go out with us to try new places!

This weekend is Porkfest 2013.  My friends are coming for dinner. I don't think my pig was even delivered this fall before my friend Joan asked when the pig was ready for eating.  I will take pictures and post again.

In the meantime, I am still trying to find out what this plant is!

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