Thursday, May 26, 2011

The garden harvest

Today it topped 90 degrees.  The spinach and arugula are done and starting to go to seed.  I had a chat with my gardening neighbor Marina and she gave me some tips on letting the greens go to seed and spreading the seeds around for fall sprouting.  I will give it all a try.

In the meantime, only one broccoli plant of the 8 or so I planted survived and I cut the head today.  The snowpeas are coming in like crazy - I will freeze a batch this weekend.  Everything else is coming up very well - I planted the sweet potatoes last week and they have started to look normal now that the weather is hot.  I will try to remember to take the camera to the garden this weekend and take pictures.  In the meantime, you can see a shot of my plot in this story. 

I stir fried the snowpeas, broccoli and tofu with black bean sauce - delicious.

The snowpeas

The one head of broccoli

Kale from a rogue plant that self seeded

Lettuce.  My gardening neighbor Marina has a huge patch of the red lettuce - all that self seeded from last year.  The red here is from that patch. I traded her snowpeas for lettuce.

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