Sunday, May 29, 2011

What's blooming May 29 2011

Sean took a look at my camera today and readjusted it.  No more dark background.  It was hot today and will be even hotter tomorrow.  Weeded the front yard today and then sat on the porch to enjoy the garden.  Tomorrow we are going strawberry picking.  Last week I had a fun time giving an interview for American University's newspaper - all about being a locavore.



Bachelor's Button


Pink Dianthus

Butterfly weed - about to burst forth

Rose Campion

Blanket Flowerm with Coneflower in the lower left corner and Hibiscus in the back

Gaura with red yarrow

Flower of a stonecrop

Clematis with rose


View from the porch, left side

View from the porch, right side

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