Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's blooming May 15 2011

The yellows are starting to bloom.  Too bad I don't remember what these plants are!  It's also May Garden Blooming Day


Peony.  I need Emma to show me how to use my camera - this was taken seconds after the iris picture

More Iris

I have no idea what this is.  It's a bulb.  There's also purpley/pink ones.  Any ideas?

Clematis, growing with the roses.  Too bad I broke off the whole vine on the other clematis, growing on the other rose bush.

Daisies.  I thought they were white when I bought them, turns out they are pink

Stone crop sedum

Blurry poppies


  1. So pretty - and your peonies are out!! I bet they smell great. Nice poppies, too - love the color.

  2. Such pretty flowers! So sad about your other Clematis :-(

  3. My mom has a huge bed of those Oriental poppies - we've never had luck in getting decent pictures. There must be something about that orange/red that makes it really glow in the camera lens. I can't even Photoshop the intensity down.

    AZ Chris