Friday, May 6, 2011

What's blooming May 6 2011

I love my garden this time of year.  Every day there is something new blooming.  This year I started tomato plants indoors and they all did well.  That means I have too many so I'm trying to plant some in the front yard.  Not too close to the street as I don't want my fellow man to be tempted.

Azaelas - I don't like them, especially in my neighborhood where the plants look like big pompoms in garish colors.  I didn't plant this one but it looks right in the back yard.

Lungwort - these are lovely plants, along with the brunnera(notice the toad house, thank you Jennifer for the idea!)

Viburnum.  Has recuperated somewhat from the squirrels eating it.

Irises!  All the irises in the rest of the yard came from this bunch.


Alyssum.  An annual that reseeds

Creeping Jenny with Hakonechloa



Hosta - I used to not like Hostas until I discovered all the beautiful varieties

Knockout Rose

A weed!  Star of Bethlehem.  Needs to be dug out, it's all over the yard

Baptisia or False Indigo 

I guess I like purple plants!  Blooming chives

Tomato in front yard

Broccoli in backyard

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  1. Nice variety of plants and thanks for identifying them all! Such beautiful irises and Baptista is definitely on my wish list.

    Happy Mothers Day, Stacey!