Monday, May 9, 2011

Harvest and First Batch of Pickles!

I stopped at the garden on my way home tonight and realized that I now need to go every day or so.  The greens are all ready to harvest, the peas and fava beans are in bloom, the radishes are getting big.  All my beautiful broccoli has seemed to die except for a couple of plants. Don't know what happened with that but my gardening friend, Edouard has told me I can have his broccoli since he doesn't eat it!    It's been so dry lately, it's time to water every day.  I planted zucchini today and will probably plant more green beans tomorrow.  Still waiting for the sweet potatoes to arrive.

This is lettuce from the cold frame although there is plenty of lettuce to pick in my garden.

Chard.  Ate it tonight, sauteed with olive oil and garlic

Rhubarb!  I am going to make Vanilla Rhubarb jam but there isn't quite enough here (will pick more tomorrow) and need to buy pectin and a vanilla bean.  This will be the project for a night this week.

Beautiful radishes.  There are tons of radishes - I plant them along with the carrot seeds - the radishes come up first and break the soil for the carrots.  I usually let some of them grow large and flower as it it very pretty and attacts the bugs.

Arugula.  Made pesto with it and ate it with penne.

What to do with all those radishes?  I tried pickling them.  These will just live in the fridge.  Rice vineger, a little rice wine, water, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and sugar.  Heat and pour over radishes. I hope they are good.

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  1. I am joining your pickling party this spring! Love the idea of pickling radishes.

    I cooked fava beans for the first time last week in San Francisco. Loved them, but had dinner guests and no time for photos so no blog post.